Keeping up with rawhide source changes

If I’m looking at the source for a package that is currently being being worked on, while also testing rawhide’s latest build, how do I get the latest source code to match the rawhide build?

Do you mean something like this?

git clone
git -C NetworkManager pull -r
git -C NetworkManager log
git -C NetworkManager diff HEAD^1

As @vgaetera says, you can get the spec file from dist-git (that is, You can also download the source RPM like this:

dnf download --source NetworkManager

Or, of course, if you’re not on Rawhide on the system where you want to download this:

dnf download --source --enablerepo=rawhide NetworkManager

Thanks for the great help!

I needed to read as well, but now I can do stuff like this:

diff -r -y --width=200 --color=auto NetworkManager-1.26.4 NetworkManager-1.29.9

Yes, this good (and new for me), because I can quickly check the
commit log for one or more packages quickly!!! Perhaps a foolish question, can I derive further info from a query of a git repository? For instance the files affected in a specific commit.

git -C NetworkManager diff d106900593fa19470236dd59d5ce964419c907be{^1,}
git -C NetworkManager show d106900593fa19470236dd59d5ce964419c907be
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