Kde spin will ever receive versions upgrades via GUI?

For what I have understood, nowadays KDE spin needs to upgrade from versions of Fedora using terminal.

Will ever be supported the upgrade via Discover?


Docs for reference: Upgrading to a new release of Fedora :: Fedora Docs

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Great observation. :clap:

I don’t use KDE on a regular basis, but i just did install an Fedora 34 KDE iso to test.
Maybe this can be a feature request ? Though I am not sure where or to to contact here to get that going.

I hope it can be a feature request.

I’d like to let it use to inexperienced people but this is the only “stop reason” I find out nowadays.

KDE Discover itself just doesn’t have the infrastructure to support OS version upgrades - not just on Fedora, but on any distribution unfortunately.

I tried to open an issue on Discover!
I hope it will be useful to understand what have to be done!

And if anyone is interested: Issue #3: Offline Upgrades and System Upgrades - SIG - Pagure.io