KDE Settings Affecting GNOME; Huh?

More just looking for insight than answers, but after installing Plasma and switching between that and my GNOME install, I find that if Plasma is set for dark mode, GNOME launches in dark mode when I get back into it despite not setting it for that.

Any ideas how or why that could be happening? Thanks, all…

I don’t know much of it.

Gnome comes with some QT things to allow you to run and correctly display QT software, KDE comes with some GTK things to allow you to run and correctly display GTK software. I don’t think they both expect to be installed over a full “counterpart”, only to deal with QT/GTK applications but my guess is Gnome sets all QT software to “dark” or “light” to match its GTK software then when you open KDE it finds the settings and applies on everything. And/or vice versa.

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KDE can configure GNOME applications theme in System Settings → Appearance → GNOME/GTK Application Style. Specifically, it sets up the GTK theme in xdg-config/gtk-3.0 and gtk-4.0.


It’s possible Plasma is using gsettings to set stuff for GTK compatibility, and GNOME would pick-up on those.

Thanks for all the insights, which would suggest it isn’t all that “weird” that Plasma could be altering gsettings for itself, only to have them change in GNOME, too.

Interestingly, I find Plasma is even able to change GNOME Shell’s default font, as well.

Very interesting.