Issues with nvidia driver kernel and secure boot keys

I finally fixed a problem I have been having with GPU driver in fedora for quite some time.
But I now need to sign my new fedora kernel for secure boot to keep my Nvidia proprietary drivers.
So I followed the rpm fusion tutorial for signing the key, but the directory and key does not exist on my laptop! I am very new to secure boot and key, and have no clue what to do. SO if you have a answer, which I hope someone does, please talk to me like a beginner. Thanks!

Hello to ask fedora and please follow those links for doing it.

Good luck.

I am trying to install the driver and sign it with my key, but it wants the file path. I do not know the path…

You do not need to sign the kernel. You need to carefully follow steps 1-6 in the link given in post 2 above to create a key & use mokutil to import that key into the bios.

Steps 7 and 8 are not required and you replace them with steps 1-4 below.

Once the key is imported into the bios then you need to worry about creating a signed nvidia driver module that can be loaded.

If you already have installed the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion and the module will not load because it is not signed then there are a couple recovery steps required.

  1. dnf remove *nvidia*
    which will remove all the old unsigned nvidia packages.
  2. dnf install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda
    which will pull in and install all the latest nvidia packages.
  3. wait 5 minutes for the modules to be automatically built and signed.
  4. reboot

As shown in the linked blog it is relatively easy but following the steps exactly is required.

Maybe there is some context dependency with the current conversation but in Nvidia drivers with secure boot no longer working - #2 by computersavvy you seemed to have wrote about dnf remove *nvidia* that :

This is incorrect since it also removes the nvidia-gpu-firmware package which is required for the GPU.

You also seemed to mention to use dnf remove *nvidia* in Fedora 36 Nvidia kernel module missing - #12 by computersavvy

and dnf erase *nvidia* in Quickest, most efficient method to uninstall NVIDIA drivers including CUDA - #4 by computersavvy

I think the guide to use automatic signing is little off since you need to first install drivers and then wait them to be build then do the signing process and restart sign all done.

I would follow rpm fusion guide and I never managed to get creating keys before I have installed Nvidia drivers

Also after signing it usually still says missing Nvidia kernel modules so I need to use
dnf remove 'kmod-nvidia-*' then akmods --force with sudo

Restart and you are good to go

Note that you referenced some posts that were 2 to 3 years old. Later ones show that I added the suggestion to use that command as dnf remove \*nvidia\* --exclude nvidia-gpu-firmware which is much better since it ensures that the firmware package is not removed when removing other nvidia packages.

Also note that you re-opened a thread that has been idle (necro) for almost 2 years and if you have your own problem you should open your own new thread with details on your system so your exact problem can be properly addressed.

I am closing this thread.