Issues adding member to libvirt group

Silverblue fully updated.

 rpm-ostree status
State: idle
● ostree://fedora:fedora/33/x86_64/silverblue
                   Version: 33.20210124.0 (2021-01-24T00:47:14Z)
                BaseCommit: b2d6c625a8d44f4d96a966e911db2d7bdfbe9a0e78812210c7c1dde00529ec74
              GPGSignature: Valid signature by 963A2BEB02009608FE67EA4249FD77499570FF31
           LayeredPackages: f3 fedora-workstation-repositories google-chrome hdparm
                            ibus-cangjie-engine-cangjie libvirt-daemon-config-network
                            libvirt-daemon-kvm python-libvirt python-lxml qemu-kvm
                            smartmontools virt-install virt-manager virt-viewer

While following:

There is a problem adding myself to the libvirt group:

$sudo usermod -a -G libvirt $(whoami)
usermod: group 'libvirt' does not exist

But trying to add group failed

$sudo groupadd --system libvirt
groupadd: group 'libvirt' already exists

I can connect to the hypervisor, via virsh or virt-manager, just that need to type password.


This looks like a bug that should be reported.


Bug 1919994 has been successfully created

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