Best way to install libvirt and virt-manager on silverblue

Hi all,
I’m trying to figure out the best way to install libvirt and virt-manager on silverblue. I see in the Fedora workstation documentation that it says to:
sudo dnf install @virtualization
but I know that rpm-ostree doesn’t support groups. Should I just install all the mandatory and default packages listed from the dnf group?
I did install virt-manager and libvirt using:
rpm-ostree install virt-manager libvirt
but I then had issues with not having virsh available from the cli. I also couldn’t get “bridged networking” to work, only the nat interface worked.

Can anybody explain the best way to install it on silverblue please?

rpm-ostree install virt-manager libvirt
As @sampsonf mentioned you can use dnf inside a toolbox to query the repos for what you can install. For dnf, and Fedora Linux in particular, they use groups for software packages that are related. So in this case there is a group called Virtualization and with using dnf group info virtualization in a terminal the following is output …
Screenshot from 2021-06-12 08-29-00
From that you have your list of what you must install, and what is optional for the virtualization group.

To do a group installation in Silverblue, I will use toolbox to find out what packages are in the group, then use rpm-ostree to install all of them.

I do rpm-ostree install virt-install virt-manager virt-viewer and this gives me all I need (including command line tools).