Is this context switching normal?

Fedora version info:
[sysadmin@localhost ~]$ cat /etc/fedora-release
Fedora release 30 (Thirty)
[sysadmin@localhost ~]$
[sysadmin@localhost ~]$ uname -a
Linux localhost.localdomain 5.0.17-300.fc30.x86_64 #1 SMP Mon May 20 15:36:26 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux

Below is the screenshot of vmstat output from my personal laptop.
As you can see from cs column, the context switching is 2000+ . This means CPU is switching 2000 times between tasks per second. And I had 344 processes running at the time I ran vmstat. Is there something wrong with my system or is this normal ? My laptop has a 6 core (12 threads) Intel CPU.
BTW, is it normal to have 344 processes running in a personal laptop ?

Hmm. Are these tasks or threads? IMO, if they are threads its ok, otherwise if they are tasks … its too many (unless you ran a lot of programs at that time). What does htop say?

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It seems to be mostly threads of Firefox.
Below is the htop output. Thanks for letting me know about this utility.

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