Is there a specific forum category to talk about hardware compatibility?

got fedora 38 on this machine and almost everything works.

but places to talk about it are scarce, places to find and help the efforts (if any) to bring complete compatibility even more scarce.

would be nice to have a discussion topic dedicated to it

I would put it in Ask category.
If you make a unique specific title also with the model like:

Hardware compatibility | Samsung 730QED you have a good visibility also in search engines.

You can make a list with defaults who works out of the box and a list where you had to search for additional sources. Other users can then participate with requests and links of their experience.

Yeah, Ask in English is probably the best place. Use the hardware tag, and we can create #samsung if it seems like a good idea…

I’m open to the idea of creating a category similar to Common Issues / Proposed Common Issues for topics about specific hardware, but if we do that I’d like to see several people committed to curating it so it is consistent and useful.

I guess using tags is very useful to find such topics on discourse. Also very usefully is a good title with the hardware/model you want to talk about included. Especially for external search engines.

Many linux users don’t actually use all the capabilities of their hardware. I find the Linux Hardware site very useful, but it the probes can’t cover all the nuances that users may encounter when using their systems with different linux distros and use cases.

Linux has had ups and downs in cross-distro compatibility, but today I think the main sources of differences in hardware issues across distros are policies for including non-free code, kernel version, and desktop environment.

A “Linux Hardware Experience” forum might be more useful than one tied to Fedora, but one of the reasons I use Fedora is the hope or expectation that stuff I build in Fedora will work in RHEL and other major LTS distros several years from now, so a “Fedora Hardware Experience” forum done well could be a useful reference for those looking for hardware that will work for them using a different distro.