Is there a keyboard shortcut to reveal the password in the login screen?

On Windows you can press Alt+F8 (not very convenient choice though) instead of reaching out to mouse to click the strikethrough eye icon to unmask the password. Is there such shortcut in GNOME lock screen?

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When you get to the Gnome Login, there is an eye on the far right of the prompt.

It looks like it is a two step action.


Then hit ENTER or the space bar in order to show the text.

Same thing to hide.

Actually I don’t know if there is a Windows like shortcut (if I’m not wrong, the password is showed only when you keep the keys pressed).

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What do you mean by this? If I press the eye I see the text I am entering. Do you have a different experience ?


Yes, if I press the eye I see the password in clear text, but I have to use the mouse!
@deltastarshine’s question is: is there a keyboard shortcut to achieve the same thing? :slightly_smiling_face:

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