Gnome login/password window

Why is the password field inactive after the system is started and requires mouse-over activation?
in Ubuntu, just type the password without touching the mouse.

On every fedora system I use the first screen seen after startup is the user selection screen that has a button to select the user name. That then opens the password entry screen with the cursor already in the entry box.

What you are describing is not familiar to me with lots of experience using the workstation version.

Please provide more detail such as

spin in use? (workstation or other)
version? (37?)
encryption used? (yes/no)
What you have done to reach the point where this is occurring?


As I tested Silverblue 38, with almost daily updates.

I notice that at the early stage, Gnome logon screen (GDM) had the issue similar to yours.

But with the recent updates, that issue is no longer there for me.

Which version are you using? Fedora 37 or 38?

I use 37.
No encryption used.

Not a big deal but annoying
After boot window password “text box” is not active.