Is Qt for Android 5.15.3 and Gstreamer 1.20.1 included in Fedora 36?

I am developing open source software that uses Qt for Android 5.15.3 and Gstreamer 1.20.1, but the Fedora 36 beta only includes Qt 5.15.3 for GCC and Gstreamer 1.20.0, hopefully developers will package it into the Fedora 36 version to avoid the time some people spend compiling from source code.
thanks a million!

You can search that package in dnf if you have fedora 36 beta installed
dnf search *****
You will find that package with all info

I have Fedora 36 beta, but I can’t find these two packages

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Now,the gstreamer package’s version is 1.20.0,update to 1.20.1 please.

Hello, I wonder how do you use Gstreamer from RPM in your android application ?

Technically you can directly download android binaries(1.20.1) and continue to your development.

Also you may want to change Qt5 focus in your development to Qt6 because once KDE/Plasma fully move into Qt6, Qt5 will get less fixes, because it is already getting old and new features and bug fixes wiil get include faster into Qt6.