Is offline-upgrade option removed in dnf5?

sudo dnf offline-upgrade download
Unknown argument "offline-upgrade" for command "dnf5". Add "--help" for more information about the arguments.

I have used this option mostly when I haven’t been updating my Fedora box for some time and there are many packages to update.

Isn’t offline-upgrade supported with dnf5anymore?

dnf5 is still in rapid development, so it might not have been implemented yet.

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Thanks for the reply @vekruse!

I do really like this option and find it useful. So there might be a chance that it will be implemented later on? Let’s hope so!

Refer to pinned issues in the dnf5 repo tracking progress of the various commands.

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Thank you so much for posting the link! That’s really helpful! I will keep an eye on its progress.

Edit: I see that there is already a discussion going on: