Is Nvidia nouveau usable

Curious about state of Nvidia nouveau drivers are those usable for graphic creations like blender stuff I don’t play games on Laptop so I could ditch proprietary drivers if nouveau is there to use

I have seen reports of issues with using nouveau drivers on the newest kernels and with the newest GPUs. Nouveau also does not appear to support harware acceleration on any GPUs so graphics intensive apps appear to cause major slowdowns when not using the nvidia drivers (the CPU is tasked with graphics rendering). I think blender could be considered graphics intensive.

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Thanks will wait and see what future will bring to nouveau sticking now on proprietary

If you are using Blender, You really can’t use Nouveau. Especially if you intend to use Cycles rendering. The majority of all the new features of Blender 3.X has become CUDA accelerated.

NVK is still in development, it’s supposed to be an open driver for Nvidia, but I’ll be a bit harsh here. If you need to have an Open Driver Environment, Nvidia is not a platform to build on for 3D rendering or CUDA support. AMD ROCM/Intel OpenAPI are the only solutions for that at the moment and their more accelerated functions are closed sourced !

On AMD you can roll the dice on what version of ROCm/ HIP works for what GPU/APU. . .
Intel’s OneAPI is somewhat vague, not talked about much and more workstation/server accelerated workloads supported. It is in Blender, ARC GPU’s support it. . .somewhat.

The Open source Driver space is a wild west of works today, breaks tomorrow, Community fix, Vendor bugs. One thing is certain, there is no Nouveau future for Creative workloads, it’s not even a question. NVK might see somethings, the developer of NVK is also working on rusticl to better support Open CL / OpenGL / Vulcan across AMD and Intel.

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There is also Apple Silicon. Quoting from Asashi Linux Conformant to OpenGL 46 and OpenGL ES on Apple Silicon:

Linux users on Apple Silicon Macs will get better performance from some apps. Workloads that rely on things like Blender, Ryujinx, and Citra now have a compatible and conformant GPU driver for Apple Silicon Macs.

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