Fedora 37 Kernel nouveau-driver general question

Is it right that the default settings of the kernel nouveau driver for nvidia GPU’s are at the lower end of the potential performance?

Does nouveau driver overheating nvidia GPU’s in real world conditions (for older Nvidia GPU’s the nouveau driver is necassry for using the Gnome wayland session)? Had anyone used nouveau-driver for a long time yet?

Thank you.

doesn’t overheat because it doesn’t make use of frequency scaling. for gnome and office purposes, nouveau is absolutely fine. For 3d intense operations like rendering and gaming, you need the nvidia driver, or even better, and AMD card.

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As noted, the nouveau driver does not make use of all the available features of nvidia cards, and even does not work at all on the very newest cards.

Overheating of the GPU is not an issue, but overload of the CPU with heat, lagginess, and general slowdown is an issue when using nouveau on nvidia cards since nouveau does not support hardware acceleration on graphics intensive tasks. The CPU is instead forced to do software acceleration of graphics causing an overall impact on performance.

Note that this is not only an F37 issue but a general nouveau driver issue that goes far back.

Thank you @augenauf and @computersavvy for your clear answers. I am not playing games on my older machine and so I will continue to use my nouveau-wayland session, because on my older machine the wayland session is faster than the x-session.