Is network-manager-applet working?

I need to know if nm-applet is working. How does one know if nm-applet is working?
Fed 36, workstation
nmcli is working OK

Nm-applet on GNOME

The last application related to the Network Manager is nm-applet : a GUI applet available for GNOME user-interfaces.

The nm-applet tool is an overlay user interface that is available in the top-right corner of your desktop menu.


Just as an addition, in Gnome 42 the nm-applet is disappearing if you not have a working connection.
It was quite irritating form me that the applet is not visible if there is no connection.
If someone wants a network connection editor without the gnome specific behavior
nm-connection-editor is a good option it has to be installed separately.

It is possible to create a .desktop link and open it in the dash alias dash to dock.

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Thanks for the info. Great.