Is it possible to add a folder shortcut to the top list in Files?

I need some kind of replacement for what I used Desktop for in Mac.
I created a folder called Desktop (just temporarily to move files over), but will probably create a new one called ‘Temp’ or similar. But I want it always available in the sidebar, up where I want it, in list of Home folders.

The screenshot below shows I created the Desktop folder and have it in sidebar, but I want it up in the permanent list above, just below “Home” ideally. Is this possible? Thanks

No, this is unfortunately not possible. There is no possibility to customize that top section. Your custom bookmarks can only appear in the section where you have your “Desktop” bookmark.

Dammit, I feared as much. Thanks for confirming.

You know, on KDE Plasma this is very much possible :wink:

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Added gnome, nautilus, workstation

haha, I was expecting that! Hmmm!

I have a second Mac (business/work one) I am soon going to push to Fedora, I tried OCLP to update it to newer OS but A) I just detest the new Mac OSX (many of the newer ones), and B) it isn’t running as smoothly as I hoped.

I intend to install KDE on that one as I more badly need functions like this on work machine. I figure a good approach is to have one machine on KDE, and another (whole machine) on Gnome, and try them both out. I suspect once I dive into KDE I will prefer it, but I may just find that Gnome is better on here (personal laptop) and KDE is better on Mac desktop (hoping it runs ok, think it will), as that’s all wired hardware and no trackpads, swipey stuff in sight :slight_smile:

work mac is old but 32GB RAM and 2TB SSD, can’t wait to make Apple go ‘poof’ off that excellent hardware which doesn’t deserve such a premature EOL!