Is it normal for gnome-shell to have several 'deleted files' according to lsof

lsof | grep deleted - This is a cut down version. I had a ton of zombie processes. I wasn’t experiencing anything unusual just poking around. Is this a gnome-shell thing? A wayland or X11 thing? Or something that isn’t tuned properly on my system? Just trying to figure out if I should dig into this more to troubleshoot/report a bug, or no?

I’m not sure what is happening, but I tried in my system (Fedora Silverblue 32) and I saw the same. The interesting thing is that all those files seems to be related to Flatpak or Podman/Toolbox, so I think it has something to do with the containers.
Maybe it’s just that lsof doesn’t read well the attributes for those files because there are mounted inside the container or have special namespace… Don’t know, but it seems related to the containers.