Is GNOME already enough for Nvidia gaming?

Hey guys!

I wonder if GNOME 3.32 is already nice to play games with Nvidia. I always had some random issues with Mutter, bringing me performance problems. It was like i was playing and something was literally dragging the video on my screen… sometimes it was fine, sometimes it had problems.

So i usually use KDE, which have Kwin, and it handles enabling and disabling composition in a very elegant way.

So, someone who uses Nvidia have compared the perfomances already? I would like to use GNOME, but only when this problem is solved.

Ty guys!

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In my personal use case I find Gnome 3.32 very snappy and quick. I would certainly recommend trying it to see if the issues you experienced in the past are resolved. If not, you can always have it and some ultra-light environment (such as XFCE) installed side by side, and then switch to the other one when you decide to play some games.

I’m interested to hear how the performance is as per your measurement. After all, it only matters how you experience the performance.

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I’m testing it here. It feels like perfomance in Dota 2 gets quite playable when you disable Sync to VBlank in the OpenGL Settings on the NVIDIA X Server Settings. I tested only two matches, would be nice if another NVIDIA user could do this test too.

Gtx 1060 6GB here.