Is Fedora Scientific dormant or not actively being maintained?

In scouring DuckDuckGo the latest documentation that I’ve found for Fedora Scientific is from Oct 2020. Although Fedora Scientific 36 is available for download, is it actually being maintained, i.e., are there people testing and using it currently?



Yes, there is a SIG for it.

Check out Support Resources at the bottom of the page if you want to connect with the SIG.

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The SciTech SIG is active and collectively maintains a number of packages:

The lab is just based on KDE. All it really does is adds more packages to the image:

So, if there are UI issues there, they’re most likely to be KDE issues since the scitech lab image does not modify the KDE UI in any way. ( The KDE spin does get a lot of testing, but perhaps not with all the hardware that is out there. )

The docs need to be moved to our (no longer new) docs instance at, but it’s a relatively large task and so remains on the back burner. The SIG is always looking for help, so if you can, please join up :slight_smile: