Introduction: Rahul Sandhu


My name is Rahul Sandhu, and I have used Fedora Workstation for approximately 3 years. I currently use Fedora Silverblue as my daily driver. I really love Linux and would love to write an article for the Fedora Magazine. I would like to request permission to create and edit posts. I would love to write an article on why Windows users should switch to Fedora. I hope to base this of personal experiences.

Thank you so much,

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Hi Rahul and welcome to Fedora!

An article about a newcomer’s perspective of using Fedora Linux would be OK. However, we do not want anything “negative” stated about any other distros (including Windows). If you can keep it friendly and positive and about Fedora Linux, your article proposal has my “+1”. :slightly_smiling_face:

If another editor for Fedora Magazine agrees and responds with a second “+1”, then you will have the go-ahead to write this article.

Thanks for contributing to the Fedora Project!

Thank you so much - I will try and keep the article and positive as possible.