Intel Management Engine – Repeated Update notification

Dear community,
a few weeks ago, fedora 39 informed about a necessary update of the intel management engine for my thinkpad yoga l13 Gen3 with a built in i7-1255U.

The update is and always has been from version 1.27.2176 to version 257.27.2176.

The thing is, if I apply the update, it loads, shows the update screen upon reboot. All looks well. After reboot, the same ME firmware update notification appears.

I’ve tried updating using gnome software, gnome firmware and fwupdmgr. All with the same outcome. Since I only found help if the update doesn’t start at all and I am not sure, if this is a bug, I raise the question here. Dnf shows no additional updates. Any ideas?

It is not a pressing issue since my system runs just fine but might confuse other users on the same machine. Could it be possible, that the version information in the various update managers is just wrong? The two versions are equal in their minor version and have a gigantic jump for the major version (1 → 257)

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I had a similar issue back in Fall 2023 on a 2013 ThinkPad (can’t recall if it was specifically a ME module update), and after a few days of upgrades and reboots, the thing finally installed itself.

I believe multiple users with your hardware are currently seeing the same error, and these issues should get picked up and addressed by fwupd. Eventually.

One more thing…

Last time I read up on Intel ME (years ago), I was so unimpressed with the technology that I decided to indefinitely disable it on my BIOS.

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Thanks so much for your quick reaction and insight.

I already attempted multiple installes in the past weeks, I thougt, it might be necessary to make somebody aware of this. Also since I couldn’t find similar forum or bug entries.

Thanks for the info about disabling the ME. I didn’t know, that it can be turned off so easily. I heard that people have different opinion on intel’s ME. I currently don’t know and understand enough in order to make a decision so I leave it like that for now :slight_smile:

Memory is fuzzy, but turning off ME might have actually helped to install the firmware update? :thinking:

There is a chance your firmware error is due to ME doing too much voodoo to actually upgrade the firmware…

If that’s the case you might try a ME disable-reboot-update-reboot-enable dance.

I weren’t able to either find that option in my UEFI-BIOS Menu nor a suitable manual online.

Looking at other similiar discussion, it might be important to know that I have secure boot disabled.

I also found a manual to flash a cab file manually using fwupdmgr, but I wouldn’t download that file from some random online source.

That’s a breadcrumb too. I had secure boot on.

Okay, I also turned Secure boot on. Didn’t help on the update.
Thanks for the sparring, so far, @pkmays !