Device Security - Intel ME Version

hello everyone! I have a problem with the Intel ME version. This is shown to me as not up-to-date in the fedora device-security settings, but the UEFI and the latest version are installed.
what I’ve done so far:

fwupdmgr refresh --force

fwupdmgr update

every other update is also on my machine.

Do you have an idea what else I could do or are there any more detailed logs that I can look at and then post to you for better help?

Im running Fedora 37 on a Asus Strix ROG B560-G Mainboard.


Welcome @maitschl to ask :fedora:

Have you had a chance to read the #start-here pages?

We need more information before we are able to assist.
Is this an issue preventing use of the machine or only an interest issue?

Is there a specific problem that you may describe in detail so we may know why you are diving in with firmware updates with your first post here? Most users seldom if ever get to manually doing firmware updates. It usually is only when a problem develops that users even become aware of the potential firmware issues, and that falls into the if it ain't broke don't fix it category for the majority.

We are glad to assist if we have enough information to know where to begin.

You said the machine is fully updated, though you do not say even how you know that or how it was updated.

hello jeff and thanks for the reply!

Actually, my PC runs with Fedora without any problems and can even play games with it perfectly, at least for me. NICE - R.I.P Windows!

I would just like to solve this “problem” out of personal interest and so that I can at least reach level 1 for security in the Fedora settings.
Before Fedora, I updated everything with Windows. I downloaded and installed the latest UEFI from Asus. I also installed the Intel ME update file offered by Asus and this is also displayed in the UEFI, so at least according to Asus it was successful.

Its the Version Version

Unfortunately, this version is from last year, but Asus doesn’t offer me anything else.

Please post the exact commands and responses of concern. As far as ASUS updates are concerned, if they offer no updates then there are likely none available.

what commands do you mean? Is there a log I can post to you?

The commands you used that show the information of concern, with the system responses, and an explanation of your concern for each.