Intel_gpu_top not working in fedora toolbox

I am trying to run sudo intel_gpu_top command to see video decoding. But it’s not working from toolbox. I get

$ sudo intel_gpu_top
Failed to initialize PMU! (Permission denied

I am running Fedora Silverblue. Any solution without install intel-gpu-tools on system?

There is likely some entry under /dev from the host that isn’t getting passed to the toolbox or some other item from the host that isn’t available.

I was able to get intel_gpu_top to work in a super-privileged container:

$ sudo podman run --rm -it --privileged
# (container) dnf -y install igt-gpu-tools
# (container) intel_gpu_top -L
card1                    Intel Tigerlake (Gen12)           pci:vendor=8086,device=9A49,card=0

So you probably need a dedicated container for this tool.

Maybe try filing an issue with the toolbox team to see if they would be willing to support this use case.

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I have not checked whether intel_gpu_top trully needs root access or if it’s missing something in the toolbox environment.

As a workaround, I’ve made a special toolbox container for tools I need to run as root:

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