Not Working, Fedora SilverBlue Nvidia and wine in the Toolbox

I am trying to run a game in Wine/Lutris on Fedora Silverblue 35 inside a toolbox of Fedora 35. I was able to get the game to launch but the frame rate was atrocious. Comes to find out the GPU isn’t actually being used, the CPU is pegged. I can see the nvidia devices in /dev/ which I assume means it should work.

Now what I think is the real problem is that there are no nvidia drivers in the toolbox right now. When i search via dnf I can find none, the fusion repo’s have been added so if the nvidia drivers are there they should show up. I have installed nvidia drivers via rpm-ostree and those are now functioning fine. I assume its just a problem with getting the Nvidia drivers in the toolbox. I am just curious if there is a reason why it’s not visible in my 35 repo. I am probalby missing something simple here, just not sure what.

Scratch that, I am an idiot. I didn’t have the nonfree repo.

sudo dnf install 
sudo dnf install

The second one was needed.

And yes, you need the akmod-nvidia driver in the toolbox as well. Everything works now.

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