Integrating GitLab with Discourse

Well, it’s that. Maybe it’s too much or maybe it’s ok, but for me (in the Marketing team) it would be useful. Trigger a post in the Marketing tag when a issue is created. Possible? Maybe some feedback of it’s a good idea to explore?

Since it’s been 6 months, I guess we could say that buy-in was “soft” on this one.

My main reservation would have been (and is) the possibility of fracturing the discussion — I’m not sure it would be productive to have two disjoint conversations split between GitLab and Discourse, for each issue. (Mirroring the entire conversation both ways sounds like a nightmare, starting with the problem of having to match up user identities between two different account systems.)

So, if an Issue is going to be the subject of a corresponding Discourse post, I see two possibilities:

  1. The conversation is mostly informal, so it stays at Discourse. In which case it probably should’ve just been a Discourse post (not an issue) from the beginning.
  2. The conversation revolves around addressing the GitLab Issue, so it says there. The issue itself (only) is mirrored to Discourse as read-only (locked) post, which includes a link directing any further conversation back to the source Issue.

In the latter case… I suppose there might be some value in that, maybe? As a way of drawing attention to the GitLab issue? Ideally that’s something that would ultimately make itself obsolete, though, as interested parties establish accounts over at GitLab and get directly involved over there.

Not sure whether it would justify the work involved in implementing it, but I suppose that depends on how motivated someone is to do it. (The fact that we’ve already gone 6 months without it is also probably a sign it’s not a major need.)

Actually, make that like five different account systems, since GitLab doesn’t accept FAS logins, but they take plenty of others (including some accepted here). Some users may use a different login method at each site.