Installing Cuda Toolkit on fedora 37

Hi, I installed fedora 37 on my laptop recently. I need to do some Deep Learning, and it is necessary to install the cuda toolkit. Unfortunately, only fedora 36 and previous versions are officially supported right now. Has anyone tried to install the fedora36 package on fedora 37 and how did it work?

Where would you be installing the cuda toolkit from?

If you are using cuda it can be installed from rpmfusion with the nvidia drivers. dnf install akmod-nvidia xorg-x11-drv-nvidia-cuda

if that is not what is needed, then what exactly?

If this site is what you are looking at

Then I would expect some conflicts between installing the nvidia & cuda drivers from rpmfusion and the procedure there. They only install the nvidia drivers and cuda, both of which are on the rpmfusion repo.

My suggestion:
Install everything from rpmfusion on F37 since they try to have it all up to date and tested to function on fedora. Only do otherwise if there is a specific reason to need to change what is installed because the deep learning does not work.

If you install cuda directly from nvidia then you may see other issues, and will likely need to do all updates manually that are kernel or nvidia driver or cuda related.

I need the CUDA toolkit specifically to do DL. According to the RPMfusion I need to install it from nvidia’s offical repos but without the nvidia driver. I will give it a try. I think it will be reversible if something goes bad.

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@computersavvy I think the problem with the RPM fusion version is that it’s out of date. Applications that require CUDA tend to require the more recent versions. I found this rpmfusion link on how to install the newer versions of CUDA using the repo for F39.

Nvidia also provides an rpm file for the CUDA toolkit. Do you think it’ll be fine to use with F40?