Installing Abyss Web Server


I’m working my way through a book on how to program in Python and have reached a chapter that needs to have the Abyss Web server installed. I can’t get my head round the tar command, and want to know if there is a repository out there that I can find the abysswx-x64 package on.?
Thanks Sammi Jane xXx

Open the .tar file with Archive Manager and right click to extract.
Choose location and voila.

The whole manual you find in:

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What in particular are you having difficulty with in using the tar command? If you can give us the details of the filename and what it tells you to do we might be able to help. Using the man page for tar will also give you a lot of assistance.

Otherwise, you can search for the package you asked about as easily as we can, especially since you have the info in front of you and we have to ask or assume something.