Installing a setup.exe file with Bottles (or Wine)

Hello to all of you,

I would like to install a game that normally works only on Windows. So I installed the Bottles software. (Similar to Wine) This game is very old, I found it in “free” download on the site and I downloaded it as an iso file.

So I mounted this iso file inside which is the setup.exe file to install the game.

The problem is that when I open the iso file and use the setup.exe file with the Bottles software, an error message appears telling me that the CD is not inserted and I cannot install the game.

Has anyone ever tried to install a software with Bottles and if so, how? And more importantly, has anyone ever encountered the same problem as mine?

Thank you very much for your help!

Is it a Dos supported game? If so try use Dosbox instead.

Optional: DBGL frontend to dosbox: DBGL

You may be able to burn the iso to a CD, or to a USB device then run the setup.exe file.

It may be expecting to see only what windows shows for a CD device.
It may be expecting to see the device /dev/cdrom as the location.

It seems difficult to guess, but I remember there were some tricks necessary in times past when installing windows games that came on multiple CDs and the installer expected to see the disk change in the cdrom drive.