Improve Docs Experience - Add "text to speech" and "what's new"

I tried to research and look for ways by which the fedora docs site could be more accessible to people with disabilities or difficulty in exploring and using the web. After much deliberation, I decided that a good option would be to add a “text to speech” button right there on the website, which would be available on all pages.

“Text to speech” would enable people with disabilities like dyslexia (a common learning difficulty that mainly causes problems with reading, writing, and spelling) to be able to access the data on each page of the fedora docs site easily.

I also thought it’d be great to add a “what’s new” button at the top right of the site to enable users easily access information on new updates, new developments, upcoming events, and the latest fedora software.
Below is a link to an interactive prototype page showing the “speech to text” and “what’s new” interactions

To be able to interact with the page;

  • hover on the “what’s new” icon at the top right corner
  • Click on the “text to speech” icon at the top right corner to open the options and click anywhere on the screen to exit the options.

Are TTS bits provided by websites? I thought the idea was to follow the recommended HTML guidelines on this (like using the alt tag) so that general desktop screen reader tools can properly read web pages.

For example, on Linux/Gnome, orca provides TTS for all applications, not just web browsers.