Impact of late IBM/RHEL policy (or: The rest of the world..)

I sincerely hope this will raise an eyebrow or two with some people on this forum and beyond:

Interesting on a side note:

Not even a minute after posting, this new thread is being transported to “The Water Cooler” and tagged as “Off Topic”, after I selected “Change Proposals” and “Council” as tags for this new thread.

I guess, free speech is not wanted here on this forum!?

Not after my last two posts, where one was flagged as “inappropriate” and another one deleted on the spot.

What to do? - Is it the power of the dog at work?

This is a perfectly valid part of the Fedora Discussion site. However, this is off topic. Fedora is not RHEL.

I reviewed the two posts, and I agree that the decision was appropriate. One about “slaughter” and the other off-topic. This isn’t a matter of “free speech”. There are plenty of places you can speak, but please stick to the topic of a particular thread or category.


I must be some kind of dinosaur. Not completely assimilating the hitherto hyped “politically correct speak”. Please forgive my wronging as I guess GPT must be way ahead of me (I’m only human).

At last, I’d like to delete my account, please. @moderators

Thank you. :v:

Is it acceptable to anonymize your account here, or do you also want all of your posts deleted? In general, we prefer the former to preserve continuity.

Note that I can only easily do this with your Discourse account. To delete your Fedora account entirely, please see the request form at Privacy Statement for the Fedora Project :: Fedora Docs.

I honestly think, I deleted my Fedora account a longer while ago, already (if I’m wrong, well, it doesn’t matter to me at all). Thank you, please go ahead with anonymizing me here on this forum.