Image Metadata removal

On Mac I used an app called ImageOptim. I could drag and drop any image file and it would strip all exif and metadata, I do that routinely before uploading stuff online.

Is there something similar for Fedora? Ideally something which just cleans in one go rather than inspecting first (needing more clicks), although I’d be quite interested to start inspecting out of learning and curiosity!

From the Terminal there is exiftools
A GUI tool like Install jExifToolGUI on Linux | Flathub also exist . . .

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You might give the source where to download it. Per default the tool is not available in Fedora Linux.

There is a exif package who installs an exif command , but I guess it is not what you meant.

exiftool is packaged in Fedora (perl-Image-ExifTool). It’s a CLI utility, but it’s really easy to remove all metadata, and the author, Phil Harvey is a real stand-up guy.

It’s easy to hook that up to a file manager shortcut.


Does this work on Fedora’s Gnome Implementation? I’ve got some scripts I’d love to add.

‘Easy’ is subjective :smiley:

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I tried jexif GUI. It only seems to work with jpgs. I’d like a tool to just clear all metadata on as many different file types as possible

I found and tried Metadata Cleaner in sofware center. Looks great, drag and drop, shows all metadata (not that I need to see it usually), and a nice big “Clean” button. Looks great! If the clean button actually removed any metadata, that would be nice!

I created ~/.local/share/nautilus/scripts/, put an executable script there, and it showed up in the nautilus right click menu as advertised on f39, so I assume so.

Thanks for this tip. it’ll make converting .png/.jpg to .avif for me so much more easy as I have a custom bash script to do it, amongst other scripts for other workflows.

There are two Flatpak apps that do exactly what you want.

Sadly not.

Kleaner is only for images, useful but I want something for as many file types as possible.

The other one is the I referenced in my last post, installed tried it, doesn’t remove any metadata when you hit “Clean”, shame as it looks perfect if only it would work!

How doesnt “Metadata cleaner” work? It probably takes an input file, processes it and gives you the output in some tempfile. You can share it from there or save it to overwrite the original one.

May be unelegant, a nautilus extension would for sure be best.

I was wrong. Dammit, I know what I saw! I first installed, tested on about 10 files. They showed “(25)” meaning 25 pieces of metadata. I cleaned, then dropped file back in and still showed 25.

I have just run it again, and after 10 tests, it is indeed cleaning all metadata. That will do me perfectly, thanks!

You can mark an answer as solution then ;D