I want to maintain Local Repo for Fedora 38, Could you guide me on this

Hi Team,

I want to maintain Local Repo for Fedora 38, Could you guide me on this?

  • Jaykumar

Hey jay!

Can you please explain which repo?
I assume, when you said Fedora 38 that would mean, packages? and not pagure repos?

So, if you are looking for how to set up local F38 repo, you can follow this guide (however this is for rhel but you can follow the same for Fedora). The DVD link can be found here

And if you meant pagure repo, then you gotta git clone them after adding sshkeys

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@jselvara : more information here would be useful. Do you want a local copy of the Fedora repos, or are you creating rpm packages that you want to make repository on your local computer for?

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Hi Ankur,

I want to make a local copy of the repo.

Using the below URL → Index of /Linux/fedora/releases/38/Everything/x86_64/os.

I can maintain it.

  • Jaykumar S
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Cool, that’s quite simple. All you need to do is use a tool like rsync to get yourself a copy of the repos and update it from time to time. See man rsync for more information.

if you are looking to set up a mirror, it’s a little more work:


The page also lists the various directory sizes which tell you how much hard disk space you need etc. So do look at that first:


Isn’t dnf reposync the tool to clone the official repository, or am I mistaken?

man dnf-reposync


Yeh, that seems to do it. A much better option than a manual rsync.