I need help with pulseaudio not working on f37!

Hi, I am new to this forum. I have a Huawei mateboox X Pro 2018. I have installed fedora 37 in the past days coming from Ubuntu, and I have already managed to mess it up.
After installing an Nvidia driver from gnome software (or at least that could be the cause? not sure either) I got problems with audio randomly connecting to whatever speaker/headphones/nothing at all. So, ignoring the cause, I have tryed installing pulseaudio, as I used it in Ubuntu. But pulseaudio is not working:
$ pulseaudio
N: [pulseaudio] bluez5-util.c: Could not find org.bluez.BatteryProviderManager1.RegisterBatteryProvider(), is bluetoothd started with experimental features enabled (-E flag)?
W: [pulseaudio] sink-input.c: Failed to create sink input: sink is suspended.>
So now I have pulseaudio running, but with no sound at all.
I have tryed uninstalling it, together with said nvidia driver, but I get
$ sudo dnf remove pulseaudio
Problema: The operation would result in removing the following protected packages: gnome-shell
(try to add ‘–skip-broken’ to skip uninstallable packages)
I just wish I could go back to the initial state before pulseaudio without reinstalling gnome-desktop. I have red a few similar posts, but I haven’t found a working solution so far.
What should I do?
Thanks in advance!

I faced this issue in the past. Maybe. I installed the pulseaudio RPM package without consideration. And the pipewire-pulseaudio was removed possibly. The problem was the pipewire-pulseaudio and pulseaudio conflicted each other.

Possibly you can remove the pulseaudio RPM by the command below.

Here is the log.

$ sudo dnf install pipewire-pulseaudio --allowerasing
  pipewire-0.3.60-5.fc36.x86_64             pipewire-alsa-0.3.60-5.fc36.x86_64       pipewire-gstreamer-0.3.60-5.fc36.x86_64       pipewire-libs-0.3.60-5.fc36.x86_64      
  pulseaudio-15.0-5.fc36.x86_64                                           pulseaudio-module-bluetooth-freeworld-1.4-12.fc36.x86_64 

I was able to run this command and uninstall pulseaudio. Now the situation is back to the previous problems (I’ll write another post for that), but at least one problem is solved.
Thank you!

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