I need help installing Picosnitch

I’m new to Fedora and settled in nicely with installing all the other apps I use but Picosnitch the bandwidth/network monitor is giving me some major issues. picosnitch | Monitor network traffic per executable using BPF. I’m still new to linux overall so I don’t know how to install something that doesn’t either come with a rpm or already in the software-center and was wondering if I could get some more detailed fedora specific steps on how to properly install this.

Picosnitch offers no download option for Fedora besides PyPI or building from source which I am having a very hard time following the instructions for as i’m not sure how to do it. I tried the PyPI way but I’m unsure if I installed it correctly. Maybe there’s also a better way of installing this that I’m unaware. Currently I see it running in command line but can’t access the GUI for it and http://localhost:5100 keeps saying Unable to connect. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help.

For pypi, there are two ways to install it without risking impacting your system python environment:

python -m venv env
source env/bin/activate
pip install <name of library from pypi>

Note that localhost only works on the machine it’s running on. If you’re trying to reach it from another machine, you’ll need to use the IP of the machine (ip a) and enable that port with firewall-cmd --add-port=5100/tcp --permanent && firewall-cmd --reload. This step isn’t necessary if you only want to reach it from the machine you’re running it on, in which case, you have something else going on that we need to debug further.