I lost WiFi on my desktop

Hi Everyone,
I just went to turn on my desktop, only to find that the WiFi functionality has disappeared, and I had to plug in the Ethernet cable.

The WiFi has worked perfectly from installation to now.

The Motherboard I am using is the MSI B550M PRO-VDH WIFI.

Can you advise on wether there is an update or a fix for this please?

Thank you in advance,

We can’t help without details: what has changed (updates to your system, changes to the wifi access point, etc). Have you verified that wifi works with other devices or using a USB dongle with the problem system?

You can use the -b N option of journalctl to compare wifi entries between a boot where wifi works and one where it fails, For starters sudo journalctl -b N -g wifi where N=0 is the most recent boot and also the value of N for a boot where wifi works.

From years of experience, wifi cannot be trusted, so it is a good idea to have a USB wifi dongle.

You first have to verify that the router/wifi box is working, for example by connecting from another device.

I have also found that there are often times where such a disconnect may be fixed by simply power-cycling the AP/router box. The AP is also electronic (a form of computer) and sometimes it needs a reboot just like your PC.

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If this not helps you can configure your wifi on the router too. Normally it comes with automatic configurations, means if in your neighborhood are a lot of devices there can be that some chanels are overloaded. With simply scan the wifi network and see what the majority is connected too, you could find channels where are not so crowded and use them, setting them manually. If you do so, just keep an eye on it from time to time.

Hi everyone,
Thank you all for your answers so far.

When this had first happened, I powered up my Asus Laptop which also has Fedora Workstation, and the WiFi is working perfectly.

My phone (Motorola - Don’t laugh) is also connected to WiFi which is working perfectly as well.

As a precaution, I did power-cycle the AVM Fritz!Box router. So there is no issue regarding WiFi.

I have noticed, there were a number of System Updates over the past week, which I have done. I am assuming one of the updates would have contributed to this.

I am using the default Gnome desktop. I have gone into Network settings, and the only option is Wired.

I did the sudo command, and it had come up as follows;

[michael@fedora ~]$ sudo -b N -g wifi
[sudo] password for michael:
sudo: N: command not found
[michael@fedora ~]$

Thank you again everyone so far

Sorry, the command should be “$ sudo journalctl -b N -g wifi”.

This is what I got;

[michael@fedora ~]$ sudo journalctl -b N -g wifi
[sudo] password for michael:
Failed to add match ‘N’: Invalid argument
[michael@fedora ~]$

This is just a template that needs to be modified for your situatioin. Your are meant to read and understand man journalctl. N is a placeholder for the number of the boot. You can use this to compare a old boot that worked with the latest boot. You may also need to experiment with the -g search term. The -p priority option may also help. Journalctl has lots of details, but to maximize chances that someone who knows a solution will recognize your issue you need to minimize extraneous journalctl output.