I can't seem to compile a custom kernel

I am doing this because I want to have a wireless interface on my system, the Ethernet is kind of flaky. The wireless adapter gives instructions and a Driver to compile. Yet even at other times, maybe just for the fun of it, I can’t compile a new kernel to save my life.

Within a few lines (in 4 to 7 lines) the compile bombs out. This is after copying /boot/config-$(uname -r) to the working kernel directory as ,config. And, yes the versions match.

I can not be the only one to have run across this difficulty. I have not even dare to touch “make menuconfig” or the like. I figured, it should compile with the same config file that the new kernel came with it.

Can anyone lend help?


On the other hand, I seem not to be able to follow the security steps, creating the “.pem” and “der” certificates bed=fore going on to create the all-important “.p12” certificate. That describes my plight better than what I wrote above.

This guide will probably be useful for you.