I am planning to get a contour rollermouse. Does it work with Fedora?


I have issues with pain in my right hand and it is caused by the mouse. I used normal mouse such as logitec, evoluent, Kensington expert mouse, etc. The Kensington worked fine, but I lost the use of some buttons when using Fedora wayland.
The problem is I feel it lacks precision. I switched back to a logitec and my index is numb again. I saw the contour rollermouse and I know it works in Windows and Mac. Nothing about in Linux.

I saw one other topic about a guy having issues with Plasma how it behaves and it might be because his rollermouse might have short circuited. My question is do you know if it works out of the box? Does it work 100% or will I miss some functionality in Fedora?

I need an alternative to index clicking with the mouse. It is unbearable.

I couldn’t find any category where to ask this.


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Hi Tad. I have one of those and have had no problem at all. While it seems quite different on the user side of things, the protocol they use is exactly the same as conventional mice, so i don’t think there will be any problem.

Great! I will order it. I really hate my hand pain.

I also have hand issues and I currently use the logitech K350 keyboard and the logitech MX ERGO trackball. I love both, and they use the unified receiver so only one USB port is used for both. Have never had an issue with bluetooth as a result. The trackball uses the thumb for movement.

Both keyboard and trackball together cost less than the list price on the contour rollermouse.

I have used logitech devices (especially the trackballs) for several years

I received the rollermouse Red, and it works flawlessly. It is a great piece of equipment. Extremely expensive, but I haven’t had any pain or numbness in my index finger.

I have a collection of mouses, trackballs, mac trackpad, etc. All them caused me issues in my hand. I had to stop working and rub my hand to alleviate the problem. I am a software Engineer so I had to to do it every day. The high price is nothing compared to have pain.


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