Hyperrogue adopted

I’ve adopted the Hyperrogue package. As I said with Cataclysm, I don’t like games being lost. I’ve submitted a patch upstream to make it easier to build. Apparently I should have read the guide to adopting packages. You are supposed to check devel list for why it was abandoned and post that you are adopting it. I know it is recommended that maintainers subscribe to that list but I find it too high volume.


Yeah, it’s really hard to keep up with devel. I have a fantasy of eventually convincing everyone to move to this forum, where tags and search are so much easier. But, that’s a big change and does mean giving ways of doing things that people are very, very used to. So, for now it remains a fantasy.

But ,hmmm… maybe read-only mirror of devel-list a la this approach would be worth exploring. I wonder if we could configure it cleverly so that “reply” takes you to the corresponding post in Hyperkitty.

In the meantime, you can use Hyperkitty to read, search, and post without being subscribed. It’s hard to keep up with mailing lists that way (it doesn’t have good tools for managing what you’ve read and what you haven’t, and the editor for writing replies is rudimentary), but it’s at least something. Or, you could subscribe to the list but filter it to a folder which you only check when necessary.

You should definitely subscribe to devel-announce, though.

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Hyperrogue was failing to build with Fedora 36. I finally had the chance to play with the beta. It is building again and has been updated to the latest version. (Or it will be once it is approved in a few days.)