Https:// is down and has been for a while

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Not sure if this is the right topic but I’ve tried my best. has been down for quite a long time now, as far as I can tell. I don’t use it super regularly, but the last several times I’ve tried to use it over the last few months it’s always been down.

Has it been decommissioned or moved? This is a very useful service so it’d be good to know what’s happened to it.


Hi @bcotton or @siddharthvipul, do either of you have an “official” statement on the Packages web app?

The Packages app is retired:

There was a thread on the infra mailing list a couple of months ago about potential replacements. I don’t recall seeing anything more recently than that.


Ah, shame. Is there another site/app where you can easily find source packages and patches for packages in Fedora?

The dist-git repos at is the authoritative source for package source code. You can get Fedora’s patches directly from the appropriate repo and the find pointers to the upstream tarballs.

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