HowTo: Test the Fedora Atomic container images by rebasing

The Atomic Desktops use ISOs that install the system using OSTree remotes.

The container images are a side project, and possibly replace the OSTree remote in the future.

They became popular indirectly, as uBlue uses them for all their dozens of images, including the flagship variants Bazzite, Bluefin/Aurora and uCore.

This tells enough about their reliability. To try them today, follow these instructions:

As example I use kinoite, you can see all options here.

1. Rebase to the unsigned image

Due to a current issue, this step is necessary.

rpm-ostree rebase --reboot$(rpm -E %fedora)

2. Rebase to the signed Image

After the reboot, use this command to do the final rebase.

The images are not yet signed.

rpm-ostree rebase --reboot ostree-image-signed:docker://$(rpm -E %fedora)

3. Verify

After the second reboot, confirm you are using the correct image:

rpm-ostree status
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Hello, so i tried the first command and it rebooted fine, but the second one give me

error: Preparing import: Fetching manifest: containers-policy.json specifies a default of insecureAcceptAnything; refusing usage

i’m in rawhide btw


Those images are not signed. You don’t need the second step.

Disclaimer: Those are not official Fedora images. See: fedora / Fedora Atomic Desktops / ci-test · GitLab

Work to make those images the default in Fedora is tracked in:


Thanks for the info

A post was merged into an existing topic: F41 Change Proposal: Enabling composefs by default for Atomic Desktops, CoreOS and IoT (Self-Contained)

i updated to the new rawhide image in and know i’m stuck in grub command line, so, i guess failed test?

note: i’m not using secure boot, it just drop me directly at grub command line

i can’t even rollback, how do i even get logs here

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The rawhide images now come with composefs enabled and you need to make sure that your bootloader is updated and BLS capable before switching to them.

This is why those images are not the default yet, as there are still issues to solve, notably with the transition from the classic ostree installations.

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So these images are the “how to test” for the change proposal?

Do they already have ostree-grub2 removed?

I am currently struggling on getting updates to stage.