How would I get a binary inside of a flatpak?

I have installed VSCode as a flatpak on Sliverblue 33 and I want to use the rubocop plugin. The problem is this plugin expects to be able to find the rubocop executable in your PATH.

Obviously this is a little more complex on Silverblue than it would be normally. If there was some way to enter and modify the flatpak I could probably insert the program inside it. But I’m not sure this is possible or if it would persist with updates.

I do have rubocop installed and working inside a toolbox container so maybe it would be possible to start vscode inside the toolbox context and it would see rubocop?

Anyone have ideas what I can try here?

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You could try it with the flatpak spawn command. I think others used such in their IDE which were flatpaks. look around the Silverblue topic regarding VSCode and Visual Studio usage, there were discussions here regarding similar.

There are several threads about this on this forum. Even if you have luck with flatpak spawn (I didn’t, but I didn’t invest a lot of time getting it to work), then that only saves one problem. I needed to have solargraph, stylelint and eslint running as well. On the whole, using a flatpak IDE is so cumbersome that I ended up installing the tools inside a toolbox and installing the dnf version of vscode inside the same toolbox. Works quite well. I run vscode with toolbox run -c PROJECTNAME code. The other option is using the vscode container/docker extension with the flatpak vscode, and then connect to a podman container that has the executables you need on it. The last option is the best, probably, but the instructions are made for Docker, so it takes some trial and error to get to work. There is also a thread on this forum using a toolbox as a remote machine with the ssh extension. The upside that to that is that you can fine tune your setup with toolbox interactively without the hassles of podman run.