How to upload commits to forked repository in

I’d like to make a pull request for a certain package in Fedora. (Note that I’m not in packager FAS group.)

According to How to git push branch back to repo, it seems that I can’t use SSH authentication.

Are there any ways to commit to the forked repository in Or should I create patches and attach to Red Hat Bugzilla?

The post which you linked describes how to do it (and links to a longer description.). Have you tried anonymous clone and push?

The only difference is the remote url which it creates. Normal clone of a fork:

url = ssh://

“anonymous” clone of a fork:

url =
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Here’s the relevant documentation:

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Aha, I got it. I correctly set up the remote url, and the issue was the authentication. After clone using fedpkg clone --anonymous and comparing the .git/config file with the one of a normal clone, I found that the only difference was the credential helper.

    helper = /usr/bin/fedpkg gitcred
    useHttpPath = true

After adding this to the config file of the normal clone, I was able to push to the fork. Thanks for the help!

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