How to Upgrade Fedora 34 to Fedora 35?

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Tonight is very exciting for me, because when was I checking in this fedora website

the amazing operating system base on GNU/Linux was released.

Fedora 34 is my first OS linux installed in my laptop a years ago. So Fedora is my daily use. I will try to not messing up my fedora system when I try to upgrade to Fedora 35.

So, I’ve question actually just to confirm because I never before to upgrade fedora. As I mentioned above Fedora 34 is my first Linux OS installed in my laptop. The question is, is this good enough or recommended to follow this guide on this link:

to upgrade fedora 34 to fedora 35, because on that guide is for fedora 21?

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I’ve upgraded now from 33 to 34 and now 35 and have had no issues.Just make sure to follow the guide.


It says "Fedora 21 and later " because Fedora 21 is when this system was introduced.

It is well tested by the community and should work just fine.

If you are on Gnome, the Software application can also be used to upgrade.


and @straycat Thank you very much for providing your info. I’ll follow and try it.


I can echo @straycat. Updated from F34 workstation to F35 workstation using the dnf system upgrade path. No errors or problems.



I’ve Just upgraded successfully following the guide.

I had no issues.

Thanks Tom.

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  • sudo dnf upgrade --refresh

  • sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade

  • sudo dnf system-upgrade download --releasever=35

  • sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

  • sudo dnf system-upgrade clean

  • sudo dnf clean packages

That’s pretty much it. Love Fedora.


I upgraded to F35 (plasma) using dnf system-upgrade, once up and running again there was no sound… :frowning:

I solved it by running:

systemctl --user start wireplumber
systemctl --user enable wireplumber

Everything else seems to be working as expected so far :slight_smile:

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I’ve submitted a patch to that doc to remove the reference to Fedora 21. I think anyone looking to upgrade F20 or earlier should know at this point that they’re going to have to do some extra research. :classic_smiley:

@olovm We’ve documented the sound upgrade issue here: Common F35 bugs - Fedora Project Wiki

It’s a good idea to check that page after updating if you encounter any problems.


Thanks you very much for all of you providing what I need information, but I’m sorry I forgot to mention this, so I’ve quetion again.
Is it necessary to disable all my 3rd party repo in sudo dnf repolist before upgrading to Fedora 35? if yes what is default repo in fedora 34? Sorry I can’t remember what is default repo in my Fedora 34 fresh install.

This is my all repolist

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From that list you have many 3rd party repos.
all of which should at least temporarily be disabled.

The rpmfusion repos are also 3rd party but leaving them enabled should get the updates for the nvidia GPU during the upgrade.

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It isn’t always necessary, but it depends on the repo and whether they are ready for the upgrade. In some cases, disabling the other repos will make things worse because there will be no upgrade paths for installed packages from that repo. So, I’d suggest trying it, and then if it doesn’t work, temporarily removing any third-party packages that are causing problems.


Thank you very much. finally I did upgrade fedora successfully. Thank you all your information is absolutely right and implementable. Fedora has amazing upgrade procedure, very clearly explain stage of upgrade process and very smooth, I have no error during update. I’m very impress, all program working perfectly including my VM in KVM and VMware. my repo is direct update to fedora 35 version. I didn’t disable 3rd party repo before upgrade but like I said fedora has very smooth upgrade. There is also no problem with my sound, pipewire and wireplumber run perfectly after upgrade, no need further configuration. Thank you very much for amazing os GNU/Linux distro Fedora 35 Stable. I love it. :heart_eyes:


First time upgrading my Fedora. Probably the smoothest Linux version upgrade I did in my life. Kudos!


Yes it’s true :heart_eyes: :+1: