How to udev rules for android tools

I cannot use android tools correctly with Fedora because the udev rules block non root use of usb ports for each type of device. On Ubuntu the package android-sdk-platform-tools-common fixes the udev issues but on Fedora this package does not exist. I found another android tools package but it didn’t fix the udev issue. Does anyone know how I can fix the udev rules on Fedora so I don’t have to keep using Ubuntu everytime I want to do something on my phone? Thanks

You should be more specific since ADB works fine for me.

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I am trying to flash an os but it keeps failing before finishing. On Ubuntu it works perfectly. I was warned that there is an issue with udev rules in Fedora so I am trying to figure out how to set them so I can install a new os. As I said in original post, android-sdk-platform-tools-common fixes udev rules in Ubuntu. Is there such a package for Fedora? I tried android-tools in dnf but that didn’t fix udev.