How to trigger/customize Silverblue plymouth splashs in differents modes: 'updates' 'system-upgrade' 'reboot'

Hi all,

I’m trying to understand how plymouth splash is triggered (so I can customize it) when it is in different modes. ‘updates’ ‘system-upgrade’ ‘reboot’ etc…

I’ve found that this command shows the file bgrt.plymouth for my present active plymouth theme bgrt

cat /usr/share/plymouth/themes/bgrt/bgrt.plymouth
[Plymouth Theme]

It has different states for exemple:







I did not find any clear documentation on the web on how to configure those states and what triggers them.

There are some hints thanks to @computersavvy but I am still confused on how plymouth works.

For example reading this comment from computersavvy in this post Ask Fedora it seems that dnf system-upgrade reboot does trigger a specific “Upgrading System” plymouth mode for Fedora Workstation. But how exactly does it work in Workstation ?

I do also use Silverblue.

How about when on Fedora Silverblue we are doing a Silverblue rebase to the next release, does it also trigger this specific “Upgrading System” plymouth mode ?

We can rebase Silverblue either using GNOME Software or using command line; in either case how would it trigger a specific “Upgrading System” plymouth mode ?

What about rpm-ostree update or rpm-ostree install <packages> commands in Silverblue that do require rebooting : is it related to the ‘updates’ or the ‘system-upgrade’ state ?

The finality for my use case is to trigger it with specific nice specific customized plymouth splash screens and animations during each process that could inform the user that we are :

  • during a reboot because of rpm-ostree install <packages>
  • during a reboot because of a Silverblue rebase
  • during ‘updates’ (what are those anyway ?)
  • during a Silverblue rpm-ostree update

Thanks !

plymouth change-mode --<mode>