How to switch from Pipewire to Pulseaudio on Fedora 37?

What is the proper way in the terminal to switch from the default of pipewire to the older standard known as pulseaudio? I’ve always had one or two issues with pipewire (mostly with bluetooth audio stopping randomly or low sound issues) and while I have filed bugs upstream for it, nothing has been completely resolved yet.

Just wondering what the proper way is to go back to pulseaudio on Fedora 37? Also, if I want to re-rest pipewire at sometime in a future update, what would be the command to go from pulseaudio back to pipewire? Thanks for any help!

From the Fedora Wiki, follow this Link

$ sudo dnf swap --allowerasing pipewire-pulseaudio pulseaudio


Thanks! What about for switching back to pipewire?

Simply invert the packages names like this:

$ sudo dnf swap --allowerasing pulseaudio pipewire-pulseaudio

and reboot.

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