How to switch and upgrade from silverblue to fedora worksation

Hey everyone,

I switched to Fedora Silverblue as a new user and it’s just not been great. I donwloaded gnome tweaks so that I could make it look better and rollback if mistakes were made - bc as a new user i make millions of them - but this just isn’t working.

I literally can’t stop this system from snapping the windows to the end and i’m not interested in learning the command line anymore than the 40 hours of coursework that i took to learn how to use Linux. It’s very clear that there’s sentiment towards how this system operates oppose to logic being applied and I don’t want to incur any more damages to business as the inevitable consequence.

I’ve set up two gnome boxes that have two ubutnu desktop images installed on them. I’ve used the ubuntu distro through gnome to ssh into AWS and use their EC2 Nd cloud infrasturcture. I want to be able to switch back to workstation from silverblue which seems to be at least a step up as it would relate to how one can do simple business operations on this distro. How can I switch back to Workstation without losing everything in my gnome boxes.

GUI instructions would be great as I’m not a command line expert and this has already sucked up too much time and caused too amny damages to take more time to learn antyhigne else at this point. I just wanna switch to something that’ll just sit and not break at this point. thanks.

On the rare occasion when I want to change operating systems and I have something complex that I’m really worried about losing installed/configured on the existing OS, I prefer to physically swap in a new hard drive to be 100% sure that I can easily revert to the original system if I find that I cannot get something to work they way it used to on the new OS. I know this may not be a practical solution if you don’t have a spare hard drive laying around (or the $$ to buy a new one). But I’ve always considered this the safest way to go about things if you are really worried about losing something. After you’ve installed the new OS on the new/replaced hard drive, you can reconnect your old hard drive and copy content and configuration files over to try to get things working on the new system. If it doesn’t work out, you just swap back to the old hard drive.

As for GUI instructions, you should be able to use GNOME Files (aka Nautilus) to copy the images and configuration files off of your old hard drive.


Back up your home directory (it contains the virtual machines from Gnome Boxes ( ~/.local/share/gnome-boxes/images/)), then reinstall Fedora using the Workstation image, and then restore your home directory



there is no way how you could switch from Silverblue to Workstation, because basically Silverblue is Workstation, however built around a fully different technology - based on ostree and flatpacks instead of the regular packages, so there is not a way how you would remove the base of the system and replace it. The only way is reinstalling the whole system from a Workstation image.

Silverblue is quite a new concept of an immutable operational system, which means that it is meant to serve as is and you will only install new applications to it using the flatpak technology. It should be used the same way Android or iOS are used on the mobile devices. Something can surely be set to your likings, but not much as it is against the philosophy of Silverblue.

I could not figure out, what you actually dislike about the looks, since I do not know what to imagine under “snapping windows” because from my perspective, Gnome windows behave pretty much the same as other windows do in other OSs, too.

Maybe, we could help you to explain some things that you take for “non logical” if you write what they are. Linux is a wonderful system that could help you to get your computer back from the companies, don’t give up that easily.


Sorry to revive necrothread, but I think in this case this is actually very relevant to do because this thread comes up at top of google search for this topic:

I’m on F36 (it’s coming out in a couple months) - I tried to install over F35 silverblue, but it’s not possible, I ended up backing up my user directory and formatting my laptop’s NVMe.

There, now everyone has an answer - even 2-3 releases of Fedora later, there’s no way to do this without formatting the drive.

If you can keep a separate drive for your /home, that’s great. I’m not sure I’d recommend just a partition because there’s a good risk of it being destroyed accidentally by anaconda.

You mean system-upgrade from F35 Silverblue to F36 workstation beta?

That’s not possible because the two are different types of distribution.

You can rebase your Silverblue to F36 though.

Or reinstall. Make a backup of /home beforehand.


Fedora Workstation and Fedora Silverblue are very different at their core. They may share the “Fedora” name, but don’t misunderstand that to mean that they are interchangeable. Trying to upgrade from Fedora Workstation to Fedora Silverblue or vice versa should be seen in the same way as trying to migrate from Ubuntu to Fedora - they are completely different and will require a clean install.

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While switching between Silverblue and Workstation isn’t possible, switching between Kinoite and Silverblue should be, in case you wish you had KDE instead.

I can verify this, I’ve switched between Kinoite and Silverblue without issue the couple times I test-driven it without issue, it was surprisingly smooth

Also up / down point releases (F35/F36) seems just fine, as well.