How to stream from Tidal

So I want to try lossless streaming. I currently use Spotify (via the Linux desktop app happily running as a Flatpak) and it does everything well but has no lossless option. As I now have Hi-Fi gear (and the PC talks to it via a USB->SPDIF, 24bit 96 khz), I would prefer lossless if possible.

I signed up for Tidal’s free trial, started the Web player… and the sound is audibly worse than what I get from Spotify’s desktop app. Not a lot worse, but worse. I suspect that the browser “does something”. So I want to use some third party client that will stream from Tidal straight into the USB with as little processing as possible (aside from the necessary upsampling, my DAC can’t handle 44100 Hz).

Google points me to Strawberry,. but Strawberry’s website says it is no longer in development. I have installed it anyway (as it’s in the distro all right) and it wants me to do file searches on the phone to get the API token. I’l try to complete that.

But is there any other option, perhaps a better one?