How do you listen to music on Fedora?

Just wondering what people use to listen to their favorite music.

Browser, app ?

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I use VLC. More specifically, I bind cvlc --no-video --random /home/jasoneckert/Music to a key combination so I can start music in my playlist any time by pressing that key combination.

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I use either Rhythmbox or Audacious (Rhythmbox currently), with local files, not a big fan of streaming

Vlc after failing on nearly every other program. They didnt make sense.

Actually I use the VLC 4.0 beta through their Ubuntu PPA through Distrobox as they fixed some bugs and the new UI is crazy.

  • GUI combo:
    LXMusic + GkrellM XMMS2 Control (gkrellxmms2) [1]

  • Universal combo:
    screen + cmus [2]

  1. Rhytmbox is for younger generations. :smile: In LXMusic You add music to play, start playing, and You can even close the app and continue to controll playing with gkrellm. ↩︎

  2. You can set things up under tty of choice (start cmus under screen session), and then it works from everywhere. To keep it running and control it from anywhere detach from screen and logout (from the same tty where You started screen). ↩︎

Now I wonder what You use to listen to music on Fedora. :smile:

I use kodi from rpmfusion running on a dedicated mini pc.
My CD collect is scanned and mounted from my fedora file server.

I got Spotify Premium and that’s all I need. :slight_smile:

Spotify (flatpak) family, though they make it unnecessarily difficult to listen to your own(ed) music (and share it with the family), and together with the recent price increase I’ll reevaluate that choice.

I think VLC is the most common options, since it can play virtually any media file on existence. For streaming I use their webapps on Firefox (Netflix, Youtube, Youtube Music, Prime video and aniwatch)

I migrated my iTunes playlists to Pandora and now use the Pithos client to play pandora on Fedora.

I also use Shortwave to stream terrestrial radio.

EDIT: I also use a Firefox PWA for SiriusXM streaming

I listen to Spotify in the browser. If you use uBlock Origin in your browser, it blocks the ads on Spotify.

Qmmp - Qt-based multimedia player

VLC, mpg123, audacity depending on the situation.

We live in a rural location with expensive, metered internet connection. Seldom stream anything. CD collection digitized and stored on fedora workstation (btrfs raid 1) at /srv/music. Generally use rhythmbox when using workstation in office. I use plex server on workstation to stream digitized music to barn, shop, home theater, etc.


Mostly, my ears. :slight_smile:

I have digitized my music collection and use Rhythmbox to play my music.
I also create playlists in Rhythmbox which I can then save to a file, and with some minor editing, I can then copy the playlists to my Android phone and to an SD card for use in my car. Naturally copied the music to those devices as well.
It all starts with Fedora and Rhythmbox.

Mostly simple PWA for YouTube music and Spotify, sometimes Amberol app for local music. And I love when I do not really want to listen to music, also made separate PWA with Epiphany for this one.

Since you are on a metered connection, do you keep your own repo server for your computers to update from?

My internet is unlimited and very cheap, like less 10$ per month for 100mbit. I just stream it. I always tried to make something like a collection of favorite music, which could be played offline, like Guardians of the Galaxy style lol, if Internet dies maybe it could be usefull, I sync it with Syncthing between pc and phone, but it grows really slow…