How to restore default bash theme?

Greeting community,

I recently transitioned over from Ubuntu to F36 Silverblue. Using Deja-dup, I restored most of my /home/username folder, including most of the hidden files.

This basically brought squished the fedora bash config files with the ones from Ubuntu (and who knows what else…). I’d like to get the originals back.

It sounds like it’s just a cosmetic issue, but in Silverblue, when using a Toolbox, I’m supposed to get a diamond marker in the terminal, which I’m not getting, and so I need to keep good track of which terminal is bare metal and which is a container, and no one ain’t got no time for this.

Is there a “reset to factory” command for bash config files?

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Default config files for new users are located in the /etc/skel directory. You can copy them to your home directory to get Fedora’s defaults.

 cp /etc/skel/.bash* ~
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